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The Aulos 303E Elite recorder is a descant recorder. The most well-known model in the recorder family and are commonly used as first instruments in schools Read more
The Yamaha YRS-24B is one of the biggest-selling budget recorders, this is popular among primary school pupils. Read more
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The Aulos 205A (descant) recorder is a fantastic classroom instrument, and also ideal for solo playing. Read more
The Yamaha YRS-302B recorder provides excellent playability and feature a sound that is surprisingly close to that of wooden recorders. Read more
The Yamaha YRA-28 is an easy to play alto (treble) with accurate intonation and a warm rich sound which will enhance any recorder ensemble. Read more
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The Aulos 703W Descant recorder is modelled on an original 18th century Richard Haka design. Read more
This new model tenor incorporates Yamaha's wooden design expertise with the convenience and durability of an ABS material. It offers a focused, mellow sound which is balanced in all registers. Read more
SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Carved from fine boxwood, Yamaha's YRS-61 descant recorder is for the serious concert artist. Handmade by their highly skilled artisans, it provides a tonal depth and clarity which is ideal for solo or chamber music performance. Read more
SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Yamaha's 60 series YRA-61 recorder is for the serious concert artist. Handmade by their highly skilled artisans Read more

From the sopranino recorder, which is about the size of a mechanical pencil, to the contrabass recorder, which is twice the length of a bass recorder, recorders come in many varieties.

In particular, the type most frequently used for solos is the alto recorder, and Baroque period solo sonatas and concertos as well as the majority of contemporary sonatas are written for the instrument.
Also, in general, ensembles are quartets that perform with the four types of recorders; soprano, alto, tenor and bass.