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Save the 20% VAT on the purchase on your child’s next instrument! The VAT Free, government backed scheme called the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme, allows for the purchase of a new instrument without the VAT.

How to save the VAT on your child's new instrument:

  1. Check with your School, Academy or Music Service that you can buy your child’s instrument through the AIPS Scheme.
  2. Choose your instrument - hand select your instrument in-store or let us know which model you have chosen so we can prepare it for you. 
  3. Submit your application form to your Music Department/Bursar. 
  4. A Purchase Order is raised by the school, and submitted to Windology Music. At this point, the school will request the funds for the instrument from you, minus the VAT of course!  
  5. Windology Music invoice the school or establishment corresponding to the details on the Purchase Order.
  6. The selected instrument is delivered to the school, so that they can present the new instrument to your child.

Once the instrument is handed to you, the instrument is yours and the warranty we provide for that instrument will be assigned to you. 


For the purposes of AIPS the following definitions apply:

State education” includes the following:

• Musical tuition at a local authority school;
• Musical tuition at an academy;
• Musical tuition in either a school orchestra or local authority orchestra; and
• Musical tuition in a local music hub.
“Musical Instruments” includes replacement parts.
For the purchase to qualify for the AIPS, the following criteria must be met:
• The instrument or item must be sold to the local authority or school and then supplied onto the pupil or their guardian;
• The pupil must be receiving state education;
• The instrument must be used as part of their musical tuition;
• The instrument must be appropriate to the pupil’s needs; and
• The price charged to the pupil for the purchase of the instrument must be at or below cost (please see VATGPB7815 for a definition).

For full updated Terms & Conditions, please check with the .gov website