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We understand that exploring a new hobby, or supporting your child through their first music experience can be expensive if it doesn’t work out. The Windology Music Instrument Buy-Back Scheme offers you a new quality instrument, and peace of mind that if your playing experience doesn’t take off, we’ll take it back.

After purchasing, return the instrument damage-free*, in fully working condition, complete with the original case and accessories, and you will be eligible for Buy-Back Scheme.


Should you wish to return the instrument within the time periods below, you will receive the following funds.

1-6 Months: 75% return of the purchase price
7-9 Months: 50% return of the purchase price
10-12 Months: 25% return of the purchase price

After 12 months the instrument is no longer returnable.


Bb Clarinet

Jupiter 700SQ Bb Clarinet

Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-255 Bb Clarinet

Trevor James 10X Flute

Jupiter JFL700EC Flute

Yamaha YFL-212


Jupiter JAS500Q Alto Saxophone

Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone

Jupiter JTS500Q Tenor Saxophone

Yamaha YTS-280 Tenor Saxophone




Besson Prodige Cornet

Jupiter JCR700Q Bb Cornet


Elkhart 100TR Trumpet 

Jupiter JTR500Q Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-2330 Trumpet

Elkhart 100TB Trombone

Jupiter JTB500Q Trombone

  1. Windology Music reserves the right to refuse the return of the instrument if presented for return in damaged condition.
  2. Windology Music may be required to carry out repairs at the owner’s expense before accepting for return. See point 1.
  3. There is a one year warranty on new instruments, with an additional year from the manufacturer following that, should you still be in possession of the instrument. Repairs and regulation are covered as part of the warranty in the first year, however in the instances of damage, repairs are chargeable.
  4. Windology Music reserves the right to exclude selected models from the Buy-Back Scheme. Second-hand instruments do not qualify.
  5. Applicable to new instruments purchased from Windology Music only. The purchased instrument must be declared a 'Buy-Back Scheme' Sale at the time of purchase in order qualify. Otherwise the standard 'Returns Policy' applies.