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Windology are proud to supply Tubas by Besson, Yamaha & Jupiter. (We are able to source B&S & Meinl instruments upon request) All Eb & Bb tubas are available to special order. Please contact us for further details

Modelled on classic Besson designs, the BE177 tuba provides an excellent start for all aspiring tuba players. Please contact us for availability Read more
The Jupiter JTU1020 Eb Tuba features a traditional 3+1 valve design with 3 top action valves and an angled left hand 4th valve. It also features stainless steel pistons and rose brass mouthpipe. 15" bell, 0.689" bore while 4th valve in 0.748" bore. Read more
The YEB-321 is an excellent choice for those who demand a high quality Eb tuba, yet must consider their budget. Please contact us for availabilty Read more
Yamaha YEB-321 Eb Tuba
The Besson International 782 Eb tuba is a four-valve compensating model offering a large, warm sound suited to brass and wind bands. Read more
As with all Besson Sovereign instruments, the BE981 Eb tuba offers the quintessential British brass band sound. Please contact us for availability Read more
The Yamaha YEB-632 Neo Eb Tuba has undergone innovative design changes in order to achieve optimum playability. The wall material around the bell and bottom bow is slightly thicker than standard to produce a more bass heavy, full bodied sound. Read more
The Jupiter JSP1000B Fiberglass Sousaphone is one of the more sturdy marching instruments currently on the market. Read more
The Yamaha YBB-632 Neo 4-Valve Bb Tuba is the new standard in brass band instruments Read more