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From beginner to professional, Windology Music stock a range of trombones to suit all levels!

Always fancied trying the trombone? The pBone Mini plastic trombone has revolutionised this previously tricky instrument. (This instrument is pitched in Eb) Read more
The robust and hassle-free beginner trombone. A fun and engaging trombone; the world’s best-selling! *Please select colour below Read more
pBone Trombone
The Elkhart 100TB trombone offers robust construction and is a great value instrument which is ideal for beginners and students. Read more
Elkhart 100TB Trombone
The Elkhart 100TB student trombone bundle is great value and ideal for beginners. Includes a music stand, trombone stand & practice mute to get you started. Read more
The Jupiter JTB500 standard trombone is the perfect entry-level instrument for the beginner. Read more
Jupiter JTB500Q Trombone
The Yamaha YSL 354 trombone is durable with a great sound and easy to play, this trombone is ideal for new musicians. Please contact us for availability Read more
Article code 525TBF
The Conn Selmer 525TBFG trombone is the ideal instrument for beginners needing to upgrade their current trombone without paying a premium price. Read more
The Yamaha YSL-445G Trombone features a beautiful rich tone, easy playability, and a balanced response. Medium bore intermediate instrument. Read more
The Conn Selmer 547TB Bb/F Tenor Trombone is a high-quality instrument ideal for the advancing trombone player. Read more
The Yamaha YSL-350C Compact Bb Tenor Trombone is a full-sized trombone, but much shorter in length. This allows smaller students to play certain notes without having to extend the slide beyond their reach. Read more
The Yamaha YSL610 Professional Tenor Trombone is capable of a symphonic sound, suitable for orchestral playing. Please contact us for availability Read more
Article code 52H
The Conn 52H Bb/F Dual Bore Tenor Trombone is the perfect instrument for students looking to upgrade to an intermediate level instrument. Read more
The King 3B is the best-selling jazz trombone in the world. It plays freely and easily in the higher register and produces a beautiful and rich tone. Read more
Article code 8H
The Conn 8H trombone is one of the most widely used professional symphonic trombones in the world. Please contact us for availablity Read more
Conn 8H trombone
Often copied but never duplicated, Bach Stradivarius trombones today remain the sound choice of artists worldwide. Read more
Elkhart by Vincent Bach International 100TBB Student Bass Trombone - Bb & F, Double Rotor, Yellow Brass in a Clear Lacquer Finish with a Backpack-Style Case Read more
The Yamaha's Intermediate 421G bass trombone features many of the qualities of their top pro models, yet is available at a surprisingly affordable price. Read more
The Jupiter JTB1180 bass trombone is an impressive instrument: two rotary valves, a gold-brass bell as well as nickel-silver inner and outer slides. An excellent choice for brass ensembles and big bands. Read more
The Conn 110H Bass Trombone is ideal for both symphonic and solo performance Read more
The iconic Bach 50B professional bass trombone is ideal for both symphonic and solo performance. Please contact us for availablity Read more
Vincent Bach
Bach 50B Bass Trombone

The Trombone is one of the easily recognised brass instruments. It is a relatively simple instrument and the sound from a Trombone generally fills the range between a trumpet and tuba. There are three main types of trombone, and these are; straight tenor, trigger-type tenor (also often called F-rotor or F-attachment), and bass trombones. These are usually the trombones you'll spot in brass bands, jazz ensembles and orchestras.