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Trevor James

This professional Trevor James Signature Custom 'RAW' alto saxophone is the perfect option for the advancing player. (Second Hand) Fully serviced ahead of sale. Read more
A very free blowing piccolo and ideal for the new piccolo player or those established flute players who are wanting an easy, free blowing and competitively priced instrument. Read more
Trevor James
Trevor James 5x Piccolo
Trevor James composite material 3TPC student Piccolo. Silver-plated mechanism, A+442 pitch, Wooden case & cover. Read more
The Trevor James 'The Horn' Alto Saxophone: If you have ever wanted to learn the saxophone, but haven’t a clue where to start, this is the sax for you Read more
The Trevor James Alpha is a unique full-sized saxophone designed for the younger and smaller player! Read more
The Trevor James 88 was launched in 2013 to celebrate 25 years of saxophone design. This is a very big sounding tenor sax and one for those players who really want to be heard! Read more
Trevor James 'The Horn' saxophones have been winning awards since their introduction in 1990. Well established as an instrument to ensure you make the best possible start - The Horn Classic II in gold lacquer. Read more
The Trevor James 'Horn' will give you the best possible start to learning the soprano saxophone. Read more
The Trevor James Bass Flute is a free blowing bass flute with rich and deep tonal characteristics Read more
Trevor James
Trevor James Bass flute
The Trevor James Performer Alto Flute with copper body is a stunning looking alto which doesn't break the bank!! Read more
The Trevor James Privilege flute offers the perfect upgrade from a starter flute. Perfect for students progressing through grades 4-6, the Privilege flute really is an impressive instrument. Read more
Trevor James Privilege flutes are designed specifically to ensure your transition - or ‘step-up’ - from a blossoming student to an experienced intermediate player is as easy, smooth and enjoyable as it should be. Read more
Ideal for musicians progressing through Grade 8 and beyond, the Trevor James 31VF-E Virtuoso flute really is a fantastic instrument. Read more
The Trevor James TJ10x flute is a very free blowing and high quality silver-plated instrument with the added value of having a 925 silver lip plate and riser. This is the perfect 'first' flute for the new player. Read more
The Trevor James Chanson Flute is an excellent upgrade instrument with a 925 silver headjoint enabling the player to produce a rich full tone with excellent projection. Read more
Trevor James
Trevor James Chanson Flute
The Trevor James alto flute is extremely popular with professional flute players, teachers, flute choirs and doubling musicians.  Read more
The Trevor James Classic II Baritone Saxophone has been specifically designed for student to intermediate level players. Read more
Whether you’re an absolute beginner or are returning to the instrument after a few years away, the Trevor James 10x flute was designed specifically for you. Read more
Trevor James