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Protec’s Straight Soprano Saxophone PRO PAC Case offers great protection and convenience for both fixed or removable neck saxophones. Read more
Protec's Trumpet PRO PAC case with Mute Compartment offers a compact design with traditional slot-load protection & convenient storage. Read more
Protec’s Double Clarinet PRO PAC Case (for Bb & A) is extremely slim, compact, and lightweight. Read more
The Protec Tenor Trombone Gig Bag is a slim lightweight case offering superior instrument protection with generous storage capacity. Read more
The Protec Alto Saxophone Rectangular PRO PAC Cases offers great protection and durability with a traditional look. Read more
Protec's ZIP cases feature strong lightweight ABS protection. Designed to fit Bb Clarinets Read more
The Protec Oboe Micro Zip Case features a micro sized profile that allow you to slip it into a bag. It is made of super light ABS lined with soft velvet. Read more
Protec’s Alto Saxophone Contoured PRO PAC Case sets the standard for protection and convenience. Read more
This trumpet mouthpiece pouch protects 4 mouthpieces and features full mouthpiece protection. Read more
The Protec Trumpet Gig Bag is designed to meet the demands of mobile musicians needing slim lightweight instrument protection with generous storage capacity. Read more
The Protec Baritone Saxophone Contoured ZIP Case features a strong lightweight ABS plastic shell and accommodates both low A and Bb models. Read more
Protec's Alto/Tenor Padded Neoprene Saxophone straps offer a comfortable secure fit without the annoying stretch found in other brands. Read more
Protec's Slimline Clarinet PRO PAC cases are lightweight and feature a snug fit moulded interior lined with soft velvet to completely protect your instrument. Read more
The Protec Oboe & Cor Anglais Combination Case is perfect for a professional player! Each case features a lightweight frame with weather resistant exterior. Read more
The Screw Bell French horn PRO PAC case is extremely protective and lightweight. The interior is designed to accommodate double & large wrap horns. Read more
Contoured Trumpet PRO PAC Cases provide exceptional protection with stylish design. Read more
The Protec padded trumpet neoprene pouch features a compact fitted design, secure zip closure, and backside pocket. Read more
The protec trumpet pouch protects 2 mouthpieces and features full mouthpiece protection, secure zipper closure, softly padded nylex lining Read more
The Protec Saxophone Thumb Rest Gel Cushion A350 features a soft gel cushion comfort Read more
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The Protec Clarinet / Oboe Thumb Rest cushion A309 features a comfortable design and squishy translucent black material. Read more

Protec was established in 1969 as one of the first specialty bag companies to design protective gear for professional musicians. The key was to collaborate with professionals to provide quality and insight to a tool that had been overlooked. In 1984 Protec developed and patented  PRO PAC technology. PRO PAC cases are shock absorbing hard shell cases that look and function with the convenience of a soft-sided bag. Thousands of loyal musicians later, Protec is now distributed around the globe. As they continue to grow with new innovative case technologies and other new performance accessories, their vision remains unchanged: innovative design for creative people.