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BG France

The BG A11L Clear Mouthpiece Patches are self adhesive rubber mouthpiece patches designed to provide comfortable playing. Read more
The BG A11S Clear Mouthpiece Patches - 0.4mm are self adhesive rubber mouthpiece patches Read more
BG A10L Mouthpiece Patch / Cushions - Pack of 6 - Black - to fit Saxophone or Clarinet Read more
The BG A65UPad Dryer For Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon And Oboe is made from microfibre material, allowing you to dry and clean the pads on your instrument. Read more
The BG A30L tenor saxophone swab is a top quality French synthetic chamois style pull through to dry inside your saxophone. Read more
The BG A80S Reed Performers give longer life on good, bad and synthetic reeds. Read more
BG France
BG A80S Reed Performer
The BG A65S is designed to help clean pads and eliminate "sticky pad" problems. Triangular shaped reusable cloths easily slide between the pad and tone hole for cleaning. Read more
The BG L6 standard Bb clarinet ligature is a versatile ligature that suits a wide variety of styles, it has great flexibility. Read more
The BG L3 Tradition is suitable for Bb Clarinet, this gold plated, metal ligature produces a direct and rich sound. Read more
The BG Clarinet Strap has cotton padding to absorb perspiration, easy to adjust, comes in either elastic or regular sling. Read more
The BG A23 thumb rest cushion features a cutaway for large adjustable thumb rests. Read more
The Rose Gold Plated BG Duo LD9 Ligature for alto sax and clarinet gives players a centred, stable intonation in all registers with precise articulation. Read more
BG Duo Ligature ~ Alto Sax & Bb Clarinet ~ 24k Gold Lacquer Read more
The Gold lacquered LD0 BG Duo alto saxophone & clarinet Ligature gives players a centred, stable intonation in all registers Read more
The BG LD Duo Ligature is a slick, easily adjustable ligature that is aimed at the advancing player who is looking to improve their sound. Read more
BG Saxophone Harness Support Slings aim to reduce the strain on the neck muscles. The weight of the saxophone is taken on the centre of the back and spread across the shoulders. Read more
The BG A31T Trumpet Lead Pipe Microfibre Cleaning Swab is designed for cleaning your trumpet. Read more
The BG L40 Traditional Tenor Saxophone Ligature is the soloists ligature. It has a brilliant and colourful sound and is free blowing. A richer sound is available with the 24k gold plated version. Read more
The BG L13SR Super Revelation Tenor Saxophone Ligature is the soloists ligature. It has exceptional radiance, a more brilliant and compact sound Read more
The BG L12SR Super Revalation alto saxophone ligature has gold plated support. Bright sound and easy staccato. Read more