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Article code 205A
The Aulos 205A (descant) recorder is a fantastic classroom instrument, and also ideal for solo playing. Read more
The Aulos 303E Elite recorder is a descant recorder. The most well-known model in the recorder family and are commonly used as first instruments in schools Read more
Article code 1720S
The Aulos 703W Descant recorder is modelled on an original 18th century Richard Haka design. Read more

Aulos making only recorders for 54 years.
Music Education is an important part of every child’s learning experience. Why settle for less than Aulos? The Aulos philosophy is that quality does matter and getting off on the right foot can sometimes mean the difference between a child enjoying and excelling or being frustrated and thus uninterested.

Aulos recorders are made using an almost indestructible ABS plastic. And, if the occasion ever does arise, each Aulos recorder has a lifetime warranty against plastic breakage. Which makes them perfect for youth education and use.