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Jupiter Saxophones – An Introduction

20 Jan 2022
by Adrian Snood

Jupiter may be a name with which you are already familiar. Perhaps you had a Jupiter when you were at school, but it was a little underwhelming. It’s pretty fair to say that during the 1980’s these instruments didn’t have a great reputation. To be honest, many products from that time were somewhat disappointing too. Just look at most cars from the 1980s.

However, that was in the past!  Since the year 2000 Jupiter Music have had a modern factory in Taiwan. They are now looking to produce world-class musical instruments using high-quality parts and raw materials like brass and silver plate which is imported from Japan to build the instrument bodies. They also use Italian pads, springs, felt and natural cork. Mouthpieces and pearl shells used on the keys are imported from Germany. The lacquer material comes from Britain and Japan whilst the soldering compounds are from Canada.

Each saxophone is now designed with the latest design software and hand assembled before going through extensive quality control and play testing before leaving the factory. Our experience over the last decade with Jupiter saxophones has been incredibly positive. They are robust, easy to maintain, have good intonation and some great features that lack on other brands.

So, which Jupiter saxophone model do I need?

Jupiter’s saxophone range consists of three models; the 500 (perfect for beginners), 700 (for advanced students) and the 1100 series which is suitable for gigging professionals.

These numbers are for alto and tenor saxophones. *Soprano and baritone saxophones only have two models available: the 1000 and 1100 series.


Ideal for beginners – JAS-500Q Alto Saxophone

Teachers and students highly recommend these instruments as they are robust with good intonation and tone. They are also easy to fix with their detachable bell amongst other removable parts. The instrument has lacquered brass body and neck, an adjustable plastic thumb rest and stainless-steel springs. The bell on this model isn’t engraved which helps keep the price affordable too.

The JAS-500Q comes with a starter mouthpiece, sling and a lightweight case with back-pack straps which has plenty of storage for sheet music and other accessories. It is an ideal instrument for the beginner saxophonist


The 700 series - for advancing players – JAS-700 & JTS-700

This upgraded Jupiter saxophone was designed for more advanced students and comes with some innovative features. For instance, it has adjustable left-hand palm keys, which makes it a great saxophone for players with smaller hands or simply to customise for playing comfort.

The plastic thumb rest and the felts in the bumper keypads are also adjustable. There’s also an adjusting screw for the body-octave key, which helps reliable middle A tuning. The body and neck are constructed of brass and fully lacquered. The Japanese lacquer gives a warmer, and richer sound to the Jupiter 700 compared to the entry level 500. It has Italian leather pads and plastic tone boosters just like the 500, but the 700 has blue steel springs which help with the ergonomics and playing comfort of the saxophone.

The JAS-700 is slightly more of a player’s model than the 500, which is explained by the improved features and better-quality construction materials.

Jupiter sax adjustable palm key risers

Intermediate to Professional – JAS-1100

This saxophone is designed with the professional player in mind and is a great example of hand-crafted design combined with a state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

The JAS-1100 has the Sona-Pure Neck which helps to achieve a big sound thanks to the specially developed temperature treatment and the inclusion of a resonance guard. The decorative engraving on the bell also underlines the high-quality workmanship.

Like the JAS-700, it has the same adjustable palm keys and adjustment screw for the body-octave key to help with middle A tuning, plus an adjustable octave key mechanism that allows the player to fine-tune the octave key response. Unlike the 500 and 700 series, the 1100 has metal tone boosters instead of plastic which allows you to achieve a large sound with good projection.

The gold lacquered brass body and the Sona-Pure Neck gives this instrument a dark vintage sound. The kind of tone many modern players are looking for.

The Jupiter soprano and baritone models- JSS-1100 & JBS-1100

For soprano and baritone saxophones Jupiter offers two models, the 1000 and the 1100.

The JSS-1000 is an intermediate instrument with the same key features as the 700 series. The JSS-1100 Performance Series has the same features as the alto and tenor versions above.

The baritones have the same model range. The JBS-1000 is for intermediate students with adjustable palm keys just as the 700 series. The JBS-1100 Performance Series has a Sona-Pure Neck. The baritone models also come with a detachable floor peg and a Deluxe case with casters.


The entry-level instruments are very popular for beginners, and we highly recommend them. Jupiter also have a range of great instruments for more advanced saxophone players. They are durable, affordable, and sound great! If you are looking for reliable instrument Jupiter saxophones are well worth a look.


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Jupiter saxophone review

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