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Slings, Rests & Patches

Neotech Brass Sling offers extra support for baritones, euphoniums and other brass instruments which relieves the all-too-common shoulder and arm fatigue. Read more
Neotech Brass Sling
Article code VSBB
The Vandoren Strap Bar bar allows better positioning of the strap cord to facilitate breathing and release tension in the neck, while providing more comfort. Read more
Vandoren Strap Bar
Clarinet Sling - Pro Line - Kölbl Pro Line Read more
Bassoon seat strap - full leather strap with adjustable boot cap Read more
Bassoon Sling - Kölbl Classic Read more
Kolbl Bassoon sling with leather neckpiece Read more
Bassoon seat strap - full leather strap with hook Read more
Kolbl saxophone sling with Wide leather neck piece to spread weight evenly across the neck. Read more
Kolbl Sax Sling - Pro Sling for Alto or Tenor Saxophone Read more
The Neotech neoprene Brass Wrap allows a firm and comfortable grip while protecting the instrument’s finish from moisture and oils. Read more
The Jazzlab Saxholder Pro saxophone harness evenly spreads the weight across both shoulders. Therefore you will not encounter any stress on the neck while you play. Read more
Neotech C.E.O. Comfort Strap Black, regular size. This comfort strap offers a sleek design while providing maximum comfort. Read more
The BG S42SH Saxophone Harness ( child size) reduces the strain on the neck muscles. The weight of the saxophone is taken on the centre of the back and spread across the shoulders Read more
The BG S41SH Womens saxophone harness features a plastic snap hook and double stitched nylon straps for easy safety. Read more
This new thumb rest from ProTec features an extension plate that runs down the back of the instrument, under the thumbrest. Read more
The Protec Saxophone Thumb Rest Gel Cushion A350 features a soft gel cushion comfort Read more
Article code A309
The Protec Clarinet / Oboe Thumb Rest cushion A309 features a comfortable design and squishy translucent black material. Read more
Yamaha 0.8mm Medium Mouthpiece Patches | Soft : Pack of four medium-sized, soft mouthpiece patches suitable for clarinets and saxophone. Read more
Yamaha 0.5mm Medium Mouthpiece Patches (pack of 6) | The hard material means it is very durable: NEW Read more
Protec's Alto/Tenor Padded Neoprene Saxophone straps offer a comfortable secure fit without the annoying stretch found in other brands. Read more