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Oboe Reeds

Windology Music stock Oboe Reeds for students to professionals. Student oboe reeds by Howarth of London. We also stock Legere synthetic oboe reeds.

Howarth of London
Howarth Academy oboe reeds are excellent value for money and are free blowing and easy to control.
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Howarth of London
Howarth Academy Oboe Reed
Tipple Oboe Reeds are easy blowing, have good intonation and tone, and are especially suitable for student oboists.

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Tipple Oboe Reed
Legere Oboe Reeds are manufactured from Legere's own polymer, designed to replicate the grain and tonal characteristics of the highest quality premium cane reeds. Read more
Plastic screw top water pot, suitable for Oboe or Bassoon reeds. Read more
Oboe plaque- convex blackwood, one end pointed. Read more
Flat plaque with rounded ends, suitable for oboe and cor anglais reeds Read more
The Chiarughi Bevel Edge Reed Knife features a tempered steel blade and hardwood handle. Read more
Goldbeaters Skin, once used in the manufacturing process of Gold Leaf. For oboe reeds. Read more