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Cornet / Trumpet Mutes

The Denis Wick Synthetic Straight Mute is a low cost mute with a high quality sound. Read more
The Denis Wick trumpet or cornet practice mute is the best way to practise at any time of day without disturbing anyone. Read more
The Denis Wick straight trumpet mute. Simply, the world’s favourite trumpet mute! Read more
Denis Wick replacement mute cork specifically for trumpet and cornet straight mutes. Read more
The Denis Wick Straight Mute for Trumpet / Cornet – Pianissimo, is made from high purity spun aluminium. Read more
Whether it’s warming up before going on stage, practicing in your bedroom, or playing in the school hallway, the sshhmute is the perfect choice. Read more
The Denis Wick extending Trumpet Harmon mute is a fantastic way to alter the sound and colour of a trumpet. Read more
Get that iconic Miles Davis sound. The Harmon Trumpet Original Wow Wow mute has a bright tone with plenty of buzz. Read more
The Denis Wick Adjustable Cup Mute is a fantastic accessory for all cornet and trumpet players. Read more
Denis Wick
Article code DW5510
The Denis Wick trumpet plunger mute is perfectly suited for jazz musicians. Read more
Article code CHTM3
The Champion trumpet straight mute is machined from spun aluminium • Lightweight and sturdy Read more
The Champion Trumpet Hard Board Straight Mute is lightweight but durable. Read more
Article code CHTM3X
The Champion Trumpet Practice Mute is a practical choice for practicing quietly. Read more
Article code CHTMC
The Champion Trumpet Adjustable Cup Mute is machined from spun aluminium with cork strips to ensure a secure fit. Read more
Article code CHTM4J
The Champion Trumpet Wah-Wah Mute is lightweight and sturdy • Extendable tube Read more
Want to play when and where you like, without being confined to a time or place? The next generation Yamaha Silent Brass system makes it possible... Read more
Designed for the new generation of Yamaha Silent Brass mutes, the STX-2 Personal Studio features groundbreaking Brass Resonance technology - transforming a muted brass sound to a responsive, ultra-realistic non-muted sound through earphones or headphones. Read more