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Pull Throughs & Swabs

The Helin Clarinet Pull Thru. This should be an essential part of your clarinet care and maintenance regime. Read more
The BG A30 is a high quality alto saxophone pullthrough to dry the inside of your saxophone after playing. Read more
The BG A31 mouthpiece pull through is a high quality swab to clean your mouthpiece or saxophone crook. Read more
The BG A32 clarinet pull through is a soft microfiber swab with high absorption capacity to clean the inside of your instrument. Read more
Oboe mop - (top joint) perfect for drying/cleaning your oboe after use. Read more
The BG A31T Trumpet Lead Pipe Microfibre Cleaning Swab is designed for cleaning your trumpet. Read more
HW Tenor Sax Pad-Saver. Insert your Pad-Saver into your instrument to instantly wick corrosive moisture from pads, tone holes, and bore. Read more
HWP Products
HW Tenor Saxophone Pad Saver
The Alto Sax Pad Saver Cleans and dries the inside of the sax. Read more
HWP Products
HW Alto Saxophone Pad Saver
Champion Tenor Saxophone Pull-Through Read more
The BG A30L tenor saxophone swab is a top quality French synthetic chamois style pull through to dry inside your saxophone. Read more