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Cornet Mouthpieces

Denis Wick classic cornet mouthpieces create a rich, creamy tone unmatched by any other manufacturer.
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The Denis Wick Ultra cornet mouthpieces have been produced to make a more brilliant sound on the cornet than the traditional Denis Wick cornet mouthpieces Read more
Denis Wick HeavyTop cornet mouthpieces are designed to reduce the amount of vibration lost through the mouthpiece.
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Denis Wick Heritage cornet mouthpieces are available in all the established cup sizes of the the Denis Wick range, and are plated in silver, with the rim and cup finished in 23ct gold.
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Brand Mouthpieces
Article code BRM58GR
The Brand 4B Turboblow Cornet mouthpiece is a very popular model with a full tone.
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Brand Mouthpieces
Brand 4B Turboblow Cornet Mouthpiece
The Bach Standard 3C Cornet Mouthpiece is designed with a medium cup and medium-wide rim, ideal for performers who require a mellow and dark tone from their cornet. Read more
The Bach 5C Cornet Mouthpiece has a medium-wide rim size and perfect for all players. The sound is exciting and lively as well as being full of tone and rich. Read more
The Bach 7C is a great all-round Cornet Mouthpiece. It is one of the most popular mouthpieces on the market due to it ability to give expression as well as full range of notes. Read more
Article code CHMPCN1
The 7c cornet mouthpieces are great all rounders with a brilliant tone. Read more